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The Charm Opener
The Charm Opener
The Charm Opener

Caterina Jewelry

The Charm Opener


The Charm opener is a great tool that easily opens any brand of charm bracelets, necklaces or clip beads. This great invention, also called clasp opener, lets you open charms without having to use your nails or fingers, letting you add, change or take silver charm beads out in mere seconds. It is highly effective and unlike other clasp opener tools, it saves time, frustration, fingernails, and manicures. The Charm Opener is the only tool in the market that lets you open the clasp of your charm bracelet while it is still on your wrist.

“Say goodbye to the struggles that have plagued users trying to easily open their favorite charm bracelet”. 

This ingenious jewelry tool is not only super easy to use, but it is also, small, portable and very capable. Its unique design helps you effortlessly open silver sterling charms while preserving the quality of the jewelry without damaging it.

The resourceful Charm Opener is an excellent device for anyone who owns any type of charm jewelry, as well as for the jewelry retailers who sell it. With the Charm Opener, sellers of charm jewelry can easily demonstrate different variations of silver beads and charms by being able to quickly switch between them.

This unique patented charm jewelry tool not only works with the Caterina Jewelry charm collections, but it also opens all other brands of charm jewelry, bracelets, necklaces or clip beads.

The Charm Opener measures 2.29 inches long, .52 inches wide, and .55 inches deep. It is very sturdy and comes in a pretty shade of pink. Made in the USA.