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Rose Quartz Mini Warrior Bracelet
Rose Quartz Mini Warrior Bracelet

Brass & Unity Jewelry Inc.

Rose Quartz Mini Warrior Bracelet



  • Healing rose quartz gemstone beads

  • Mini bullet shell casing to display strength and stability

  • Strong, durable stretch elastic for easy wear

  • A portion of proceeds donated to help veterans

Why choose rose quartz?

Rose quartz gemstones are known as "stones of love,” and rose quartz jewelry has the power to soothe, comfort, and reassure the wearer, bringing about deep inner healing and a tranquil state of mind. This rose quartz bead bracelet gently removes negativity from your life and attracts the positive energy of love, introducing peacefulness and calmness into personal and professional relationships.

Increase your positive energy and heal relationships with the help of this emotionally stabilizing genuine rose quartz bracelet from Brass & Unity!

  • Rose quartz mini warrior bracelet

  • 6mm diameter rose quartz rock beads

  • Mini .338 bullet shell casing

  • 1mm army strong stretch elastic