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Paper Mache Fashion Design Kit

Fashion Angels Enterprises

Paper Mache Fashion Design Kit


Design and create a collection of 3D clothing with the Paper Mache Fashion Design Set by Fashion Angels. First use your sketch pad to plan out your outfits. Then use your favorite tissue papers along with the glue included in the kit to paper mache over the 3D clothing shapes to create your clothing. Let them dry and pop your fashions off the molds. Finish your creations by adding embellishments like trims, gems, and ribbons to make your designs one of a kind. Set includes: 3D clothing forms, patterned tissue paper, metallic tissue paper, white tissue paper, 30 sketch pages, bead trim, lace trim, stick sheet, adhesive gems, fabric trim, glue, and instructions.

Ages 8+

Dimensions: 12"L x 2"W x 11"H