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Clearly-Portable Bluetooth Speaker- White and Blue Light

My Audio Pet

Clearly-Portable Bluetooth Speaker- White and Blue Light


Crystal clear modern design in a powerful Bluetooth speaker. A compact portable home stereo solution.
SOUND BEYOND SIZE Amazing 5 watts of sound. Our most powerful speaker.
EXCELLENT WHEN PAIRED: Huge 10 watt sound experience in True Wireless Stereo – Real Left Channel / Right Channel Experience when paired together.
BUILT-IN VOLUME CONTROL: Control the volume on the speaker and/or on connected phone or other Bluetooth enabled device.
HUGE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: 1000 mAh battery. Allows for up to 8 hours of musical enjoyment.
CRYSTAL CLEAR DESIGN: Aesthetically appealing with visible moving sound plate
COOL BLUE GLOW: Blue light glow during music playback with 4 light up options (including no light if that is what you prefer.)


Hear it! See It! Feel it! Love it!