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  • Aqua Terra Jasper Paired with a Silver Oval Guardian Angel
  • Bermuda Agate Paired with a Large Brass Sand Dollar
  • Blue howlite paired with a silver flip flop
  • Caribbean agate paired with silver fleur di lis compass
  • Cashmere calcite paired with bronze hammered spirit disc
  • Chambray agate paired with a silver ships wheel
  • Cream coral with octagon sea foam agate slice and Ethiopian brass accents
  • Cream coral with rectangle moss agate slice with Ethiopian brass accents
  • Creamy white howlite paired with rose gold micropave rhondelles
  • Faceted aqua jade paired with a large silver shell
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  • Grey quartz paired with a silver micropave
  • Honeysuckle agate paired with a large brass starfish
  • Iridescent quartz paired with a silver sun
  • Lapis paired with a brass anchor
  • Marshmallow agate paired with oval marine agate slice and Ethiopian silver accents
  • Matte amazonite paired with a hammered bronze wave
  • Matte iridescent druzy agate paired with a brass fleur di lis
  • Moonstone paired with silver micropave rhondelles
  • Moonstone with Neutral Flower Agate Slice and Ethiopian Brass Accents
  • Multi Blue Quartz with Blue Flower Agate Slice and Ethiopian Silver Accents
  • Opalite Paired with A Jesus the Savior of Mankind Cross
  • Petal Pink Jade Paired with An Enameled Pineapple
  • Royal Blue Calcite Paired with A Dreaming Of The Sea Medal
  • Sand Dune Coral Paired with A Hammered Bronze Evil Eye
  • Spearmint Amazonite Paired with Enameled Celestial Medal
  • Terra Cotta Agate Paired with A Large Oval Silver Saint Christopher
  • Tropical Agate Paired with An Oval Blue Flower Agate Slice and Ethiopian Silver Accents
  • Washed Denim Agate Paired with Our Lady of Loretto
  • White Translucent Jade Paired with Bronze Open Vein Tree of Life