Pura Vida Now Online!

PURA VIDA was started in the summer of 2010 when two Southern California friends, Griffin and Paul, took a trip to Costa Rica.

Griffin and Paul met local artisans, Jorge and Joaquin, who were making colorful string bracelets but struggling to earn a living wage. Desperate to help, Griffin and Paul asked the artisans to make them 400 bracelets.

Back in California, Griffin and Paul put the bracelets on display in a local boutique where they sold out completely within a few days. They created a movement that celebrated the simple things in life - “PURA VIDA” as the Costa Ricans call it.

“PURA VIDA” meaning pure life is about enjoying life’s little pleasures, slowing down and living to the fullest.

Griffin and Paul have since teamed up with Jorge and Joaquin to expand and involve more than 800 artisans in Costa Rica who can now count on a steady income.

Giving back is at the core of what they do. Pura Vida has partnered with more than 175 charities around the world and donated nearly $1.9 million.


Whether you’re soaking up sun on the beach, or waiting for beach weather to come around again, these bracelets are perfect to stack and layer. And it doesn’t stop there! Pura Vida built their brand on string bracelets and simple rings. They’ve expanded with more designs and styles including necklaces, earrings, and anklets. The affordable price point is a fan favorite and means that you can keep on adding to your collection. Pura Vida is a brand where you can feel good buying it and feel good wearing it!